Nutrition Analysis

The Benefits of Nutrition Analysis and Recipe Costing Software

Accurately Estimate the Number of Calories and Nutritional Information in Food Items. MenuSano's recipe costing module helps maximize your ROI.

MenuSano, an award-winning nutrition analysis software is an affordable online product that has been designed with you in mind. It is flexible, easy to use, and has been tested by restaurants, public health departments, and hospitals.

MenuSano allows you to be transparent with your customers. It lets you inform them about the nutritional content of your food. The Ontario Healthy Menu Choices Act stipulates that many foodservice providers must include the number of calories for food and beverage items when displayed on their tags, labels, menus and even ads. This is where MenuSano comes in.

Convenience and Flexibility

MenuSano is very easy to use. You just need to log into your account to use the software from virtually anywhere, anytime. In less than five minutes, you can quickly add the ingredients for your dishes and have high-resolution nutrition labels (300dpi) in JPG or PDF format, ready to print. All your recipes are stored for you to use repeatedly and print out at a later date.

Easy-to-Use Nutrition Analysis Software

With this software, you'll be able to calculate the nutritional content of your products within minutes and have print-ready labels. All you need to do is type in the ingredient. We have added machine learning (AI) to our ingredients search so that the common search items will appear at the top of your search results. Alternatively, you can add a custom ingredient. After this addition, you can then input the correct quantity from a list ranging from a dash or a teaspoon, to an ounce or a whole typical ingredient.

Accurate Nutrition Analysis Information

MenuSano is an online method of calculating the nutrition content of food known as theoretical analysis. This means that instead of performing tests on your recipes in a laboratory, the theoretical analysis uses an already compiled set of data from previously tested ingredients. Our extensive library of ingredients also contains 250,000 ingredients from USDA, Health Canada, and Public Health England.


MenuSano allows you to highlight your healthy menu and target customers that want to live a healthier lifestyle.


Be transparent. MenuSano helps you accurately analyze the nutritional content of your food.


Create your very own nutrition facts labels in-house with MenuSano. Download and print labels at 300dpi, in JPG or PDF format.


MenuSano is an award-winning nutrition calculator that uses government-related nutritional databases.


MenuSano's recipe costing module saves you time and maximizes profitability.

Reach your healthy customers with confidence.

With MenuSano, you can accurately calculate the nutritional content of your food items and promote your healthy menu. Use MenuSano's food costing module to keep track of costs and maximize profitability.