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Choice is Healthy is a restaurant directory that’s brought to you by MenuSano.

Today’s consumers  are interested to have healthy choices and we are here to provide you with options that are nutritious, local, and delicious.

MenuSano is an online nutrition analysis software for Restaurants, Hospitality, and other Foodservice Providers.

Enter ingredients into recipes and generate a nutrition facts label that can be downloaded, printed, or added to your website or menu.

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MenuSano is an ideal solution for:
• Restaurants
• Bakeries
• Pizzerias
• Cafes
• Hospitals
• Schools
• Any Foodservice Business
• Food Manufacturers

MenuSano Nutrition Analysis Software


It allows food-service providers the ability to target health-conscious customers with healthy options.


With accurate nutrition analysis at your fingertips, this saves you time and money and allows you to focus more on your business.


It allows you to create, download, and print your very own nutrition facts labels in-house at 300dpi, JPG, or PDF.


MenuSano is a leading nutrition value calculator software that uses government-related nutritional databases.